Getting Ready For the Big Pour June 19, 2007

It was a day of cleaning up and last minute rebar tying and tying up the smurf tubing.

The County inspector has arrived.

The one in the grey long-sleeved t-shirt is the QAA inspector who was not an engineer and didn't know what he was looking for.

The one with the measuring tape is the County inspector who is an engineer and who knows what he is looking for and who knows Ray is doing a superb job. In fact I think he once told me I was lucky to find a builder like Ray.

Cooling their heels while the inspectors do their thing.

Working with the screed boards to make sure none of the rebar is up too far.

Remember that pile of wood on the back side of the house next to the egress? It is now behind the pallet. The trash barrels are filling quickly, too.

Equipment is moved to the sidlines to make room for tomorrow's equipment.

Oscar moving a loose cement block to the block pile.

The trailer with the rest of the lumber is moved with the bobcat to the old gravel pile next to where the garage used to be.

Going around picking up trash.

The view from the bedroom window in our motor home.

That's Christian's car in the driveway. My van is parked off to the side out of the way.

A closer look at all that rebar from the west side.

This view is looking across the open floor plan common area.

Tools lined up neatly.

More equipment on the edge of the property.

Part of the back porch rebar. 2 lengths of rebar run the length of the porch wall on the living room side. The 3 lengths that crosses the side wall is where the french door wall will be.

The kitchen side of the back porch wall.

The 3 lengths of rebar that are close together in the frent door wall of the back porch.

Kind of hard to see from any angle and I can't get up high enough to get so it's easy to see. From left to right are 3 lengths of rebar that the inner porch wall with the french double doors. on each side are 2 lengths of rebar for the side walls of the porch.

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