The Big Pour of June 20, 2007 pg 1

The Big Pour has begun--by starting with the beams. It's shortly after 5 am in this picture.

After filling in the cross beam skeletons, the ring beam was filled in next. One person would help guide the spout where the concrete poured out, one person used the vibrator stick (poking it into the cement slurry to get out the air bubbles), one person helped carry the electric cord for the vibrator stick. One or more than one used a shovel to poke into the concrete.The guy on the right outside the ring carries a remote control affair similar to games that kids play. With that box he can start and stop the concrete flow, the up and down of the boom, the back and forth of the boom.

The cement truck (on the right) is backed up to the pumper truck and dumps the concrete into the hopper of the pumper.

The sun is up further. You can see where the skeletons for the beams are. They are now covered with concrete. On the right side of the picture is the pipe on the boom hanging down. In the foreground you can see the rebar for the inset wall footing.

Waiting for the concrete to start flowing again.

There it pours!

The pump truck in the early morning sun.

After the concrete was smoothed between the screed boards, this worker used this piece of equipment over the whole floor.

When enough concrete was down, Marcos began the laborious job of really smoothing it out.

Marcos smoothing the concrete. I think the flash didn't work on this picture.

I think they are somewhere near the halfway point here.

The workers had to work fast.

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