After the Pour June 20, 2007

Looks nice and smooth (and I held the camera crooked)

The center of the floor was rippley before it was completely smoothed out. One of the workers is putting away one of the stakes of the ring beam form.

Removing part of the stakes holding the metal form in place.

That big pile of concrete the pump truck left, taken over to the empty next door and spread in a low spot.

Now it's a cleaned off area.

Ray is using the power trowel putting an even smoother finish on the floor.

Taking a much deserved break.

Ray turned the power trowel over to a younger and stronger body.

The middle still hasn't been done.

Marcos' brother is smoothing the edge around the basement opening.

Marcos troweling the edge where the power trowel can't reach.

Oscar hosing down the drive and the street--dust control.

The power trowel at the end of its work day. The electrician said it looked like an upside down helicopter.

The concrete sealer waited to be sprayed onto the floor.

Ray is showing Marcos the motions to use in spraying the sealer and overlapping it.

Marcos did it for a while as a learnig experience, then Christian took over for the rest of the floor.

Spraying out the last of the bucket.

Oscar was cleaning up and sometimes scraping the garage area.

done for the day!

The rebar for the pillars between the insets.

I was working on uploading all the pictures for these 3 pages of today's work. I looked outside and saw those white marks on the slab where the 2 main floor bathrooms are. They are outlining the 2 wooden boxes that show where the tub/shower drains will go.

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