Outlining the walls June 21, 2007

Oscar fastening plastic strips along the bottom of the future wall. And that's all I know. Time will tell what it is for.

The center lines north-south and east-west were put back and made a little more permanent with chalk and clear paint.

Ray & Christian measuring for lines to know where to draw the lines for the walls.

Checking to make sure the lines are square.

Marcos is painting the wall lines for the bathroom of my brother's suite

An overview of the first floor from the motorhome window.

I stood atop the bundle of airform to get this view of the wall layout.

They began dismantling the metal framework for the ring beam. Here Marcos is loosening the metal stakes so theycan be pulled out.

Marcos is using a tool to pry the stake loose while Christian poses.

The stakes removed.

The panels have been loosened.

Loose and ready to be packed away for the next house.

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