Removing forms & other clean up June 22, 2007

Oscar is cleaning the metal form a bit before putting it away till the next job.

It's heavy but Oscar can handle it.

Marcos has been busy bending rebar and tying it together.

Marcos is tying the bent rebar.

Oscar is carrying a piece of equipment to put it away. You can also see the bent and tied rebar on that side of the house.

Oscar and Christian pushing the halogen light to put it away. They pushed faster than I could get the camera focused on them. They are behind the tree.

Marcos bending the rebar in the front of the house.

After bending the rebar with his bending tool he steps on them to get them even flatter before tying them together.

The rebar is flat, the concrete is white from the sealer and the rooms are all marked out.

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