Removing 2x4 jungle from basement June 28, 2007

Christian is tying plastic around the bent rebar so there are no sharp edges to damage the air form.

Plastic covered rebar.

Carmen and Oscar began taking down the jungle in the basement.

Carmen took these 3 pictures. I'm surprised at how much they had gotten done.

Looking toward the wider part of the basement that had not been taken apart yet.

The rebar for the pillars on the front is wrapped in airform material.

This view shows both pillars of rebar wrapped in air form. The square closest to the camera is the guest bathroom. The green lines are walls. The red lines are the doorways. The doorway to the right of the bathroom goes to the guest room. The rather large odd shaped room to the north is my brother's suite if he moves back. Otherwise it will be our home offices.

Oscar is doing some extra tying on the rebar.

Rebar on the east side is covered.

All the rebar is covered.

Some more shots taken in the basement. It was hot down there. With the light coming down the egress hole and the small light it was difficult to get good shots. The flash gave it too much light.

Looking up at the ceiling. What looks like a wall on the left is the plastic sheeting hanging down that had been pulled off this part of the ceiling. The round thing is some bathroom plumbing.

The ceiling with the plastic still intact.

Oscar is stacking the boards on the fireplace hearth.

That board Oscar is holding was in the basement ceiling of the original house.

Kitchen plumbing?

More of the torn down jungle.

Most of these boards are reusable.

The plastic hanging down. Lumber stacked neatly.

Neatly stacked 2x4's in the egress hall.

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