Removing wood from basement June 29 & 30, 2007

The wood is stacked so it can be banded and used later on other projects.

Some wood is tossed on a pile next to the neighbor's fence.

The wood is tossed up from the basement before being taken to its respective pile.

Stacks of wood in the basement waiting to be pushed out the egress opening one board at a time.

These 2 walls are supporting the wood covering the basement stair opening. It can't be opened until the dome shell itself no longer needs the inflator fans. As it is, there are some gaps around the stairwell opening that need to be filled in before the fans get turned on.

Looking into my exercise area. The basement stairs will be to the left.

As you can see one of the concrete beams still has its wooden covering. It will come off Monday.

Hot and cold water tubing making its way through the wall toward the kitchen.

Ray is testing out his back up inflator fan. If the electricity goes out, this one automatically comes on. When the electricity comes back on this inflator fan has to be turned off manually.

June 30, 2007

Carmen and his son Chris worked Saturday for 8 hours. They got all the wood in the egress area out of there and swept the floor.

This pile of wood in front of the old fireplace will be removed Monday.

Most of the beams have been uncovered.

The basement stairs is on its side--again. I was hoping to be able to use the stairs in the new basement, but with all the 'being taken down and going back up' several times, they will have to be replaced.

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